Terms and Conditions

General terms of business / terms of use 

The company 'Solare Datensysteme' provides 50 Mega Byte web-space free of charge and an email address after the registration process is complete, which may only be used exclusively within the scope of the Solarlog system. Therefore, on the web page, Solarlog related content must be immediately evident. Extensions or changes to the Solarlog web pages are expressly permitted for  purely private, not commercial use. The commercial use of the web space, i.e. the use in terms of financial gain, even partially, is expressly prohibited.

'Solare Datensysteme' is  not obliged to maintain the web server at www.solarlog-home.de or to guarantee freedom from any disturbances. The use of the server is purely of voluntary nature, free and no demands can be placed of any kind. 'Solare Datensysteme' is not responsible for the contents of the provided web space on the Domain of www.solarlog-home.de. The contents are provided exclusively by the person named in the registration and the responsibility lies solely with that said person. With the registration of the web space the user makes available the online banner of the Solarlog system for 'Solare Datensysteme'. The data indicated there can be shown on the homepage and also further  processed. The data will under no circumstances be transmitted to any third party without explicit prior approval. The on-line banner may be omitted and remain anonymous from the country map if a request is received in writing. Offences against the terms of use lead to the closure of the web space  without prior notification.