“Solare Datensysteme” offers a very easy to use it's internet service offering added features for your Solarlog. You don't need to understand internet technology either to use it. It contains features such as:
  • homepage with data overview of earnings / yields
  • email / SMS notification of the day earnings / yields and alarm mesages from the Solarlog  (SMS is a service which incurs additionally costs)

The Solarlog must be connected through an Internet-Router to the Internet. Usually this is a DSL-Router, but of course there are also other possibilities, as for example modems through telephone lines or GSM. In addition you can find further information on under accessories / modem package.

Registrations for Solar-Log WEB 1st Edition. ( are no longer possible. For the new service WEB Enerest™ please register here:

The use of homepage and email is completely free. Only the SMS messages cost money. The contents of the homepage must contain information relevant to the Solarlog, however, can be used also as a personal homepage, provided that does not breach the 'Terms and Conditions'. Offences will incur the closing of the account without prior notification. The email address is NOT a public freely usable email address, but may be used only in the configuration of the Solarlog. The email address from serves only for the forwarding of notifications to a real, valid email address.

SolarLog Data Backup:
Stored data and data exports per CSV (comma separated values) on the homepage are dispatched each Sunday night as a compressed file per email and afterwards deleted. This prevents data getting lost because of memory overflow.