SMS Service

We provide you with a simple to use SMS-Service through our Solarlog Homepage. Solarlog gives you depending on the configuration the following options:
* daily yields / profits overview sent at a time set by you
* message service when breakdowns occur
* system 'performance monitoring' warning message service
* status / error code report of the 'alternating-current converter'

You can order through the SMS-Order form '50' or '120 credits' that will be subsequently activated on the server. The SMS credit is reduced by 1 unit every time a message is sent. When the SMS-credit is used up, an email will be sent out instead so that you never lose  any messages from the Solarlog. You current SMS-credit is always visible on the SMS-text message delivered and looks like “#SMS29” which means that you still have 29 SMS-credits on your account. On top of that, you will receive every Monday an email giving you a protocol of SMS / text messages that were sent and your current credit left on the account.

SMS – Order form [PDF-Format] SMS-Order-form-PDF

If you've any further questions or problems concerning this service, please don't hesitate to contact us using: